Guide to Responsible Investing Chalk Drawing
April 6, 2018

Guide to Parametric Responsible Investing Strategies

Parametric offers a series of index-based responsible investing strategies: ESG, Fossil Free, and Catholic Values. These strategies are designed as an expedient way to access commonly requested responsible investing themes, and complement our full suite of customization tools. In this brief we describe each strategy in turn, as well as some alternative options.

General Approach

Parametric has been offering client-driven, index-based portfolios that incorporate ESG criteria for more than fifteen years now. Our robust and continually evolving menu of ESG screens and licensed indexes gives investors a wide range of portfolio design choices. In many cases, however, investors are well-served by a standardized portfolio with minimal modifications. With this in mind, we have designed a series of risk-controlled, index-like exposures that can be used as a core equity portfolio allocation while aligning with common responsible investing themes. These strategies represent our best thinking with regard to implementing each theme and are supported by quarterly marketing materials in order to help clients make more informed decisions.

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