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In the early 1990s, sophisticated investors were beginning to use new instruments called exchange traded funds (ETFs). However, most investors were still obtaining market exposures through active vehicles. One of our family office clients using traditional active managers evaluated their after-tax performance and found them lacking. The idea of getting benchmark-like returns while remaining focused on after-tax performance was a new and intriguing one and not available through ETFs.

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Traditional active managers are concerned with predicting the future. Our ideas are rooted in the belief that superior long-term investment results can be achieved by managing what is within our control: turnover, fees, and taxes. Providing broad market exposure in a tax efficient way is a complex and on-going process – one we’ve been honing for over 25 years. 

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Parametric’s tax-managed solutions strive to provide investors with “better beta.” Our version of better beta is Custom Core™, which delivers personalized, client-driven exposure designs and continuous tax management—all using a transparent approach, with an eye on costs. Our tax management approach and evolution of our after-tax core strategy into our Custom Core™ solution can potentially help clients add 1-2% in returns annually, after taxes. That family office still works with us after 25 years, and as of June 30, 2017, we have over $47B in assets across our tax-managed equity strategies.

Rey Santodomingo

Rey Santodomingo - Managing Director of Investment Strategy

Mr. Santodomingo is responsible for all aspects of Parametric’s Tax-Managed Equity Strategies. As one of the primary strategists for Custom Core™, he works closely with taxable clients and advisers to design, develop and implement custom portfolio solutions.


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Tax-managed Custom Core Strategies are offered by Parametric Custom Tax-Managed & Centralized Portfolio Management. Non Tax-managed Custom Core Strategies are offered by Parametric Investment & Overlay Strategies.

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