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Emerging Markets Update Q2


Hear our head of investment strategy, Tim Atwill, as he leads an interactive discussion on the risks and opportunities in emerging markets.


Institutional Investors

Parametric’s solutions leverage our decades of expertise in working with consultants, corporations & healthcare, foundations & endowments and public & Taft-Hartley. Learn more about how we can partner with you and explore our capabilities to help you better deliver innovative investment ideas for your clients.
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Diverse experience across client types

At Parametric, we have over 2 decades of experience working across institutional clients and their consultants. Together, we have created innovative solutions to help address specific challenges. With every offering, we strive for transparency, measured and managed risk and customization with a sharp focus on controlling investment costs. Contact your regional representative to see how we can help you access our investment discipline and flexibly implement it.

Institutional Clients

VRP, an attractive and untapped source of returns

After eight years of stock market gains and the rising duration risk across fixed income assets, we’re seeing many institutional investors tempering their return expectations. A key challenge is how best to achieve equity-like returns with less risk. One relatively new solution investors are exploring is the use of option-based strategies that seek to harvest the volatility risk premium (VRP). Explore our VRP suite of solutions and find out how Parametric can help de-risk portfolios across market environments.