Reengineering the Global Macro Strategy

Parametric and Research Affiliates have joined forces to design a modern approach to the global macro strategy that seeks to deliver diversifying returns to institutional separate accounts without the usual drawbacks of absolute return strategies.


Proven_Gradient_Icon.pngWe have designed an empirically robust and theoretically sound strategy that seeks attractive uncorrelated returns by harvesting the risk premia of three proven investment styles across four asset classes - in a liquid manner.  

Equity Indexes
Fixed Income
Opportunistic Volatility Overlay


Predictable_Gradient_Icon.pngRiskControlled_Gradient_Icon.pngThe Parametric / Research Affiliates Systematic Global strategy was designed for simplicity and consistency. We disclose our methodology and report portfolio positions to provide investors with a transparent and predictable experience.

RiskControlled_Gradient_Icon.pngThe strategy makes moderate use of leverage in seeking superior results. Low correlation across styles and asset classes helps avoid risk concentration. And human experts monitor risk on an on-going basis.

Efficient_Gradient_Icon.pngFrom the use of a highly liquid investment universe to the application of sophisticated implementation techniques, we’ve created an approach that seeks to pass on more value to investors at competitive costs.


of Research Affiliates strategies are implemented by Parametric

(as of 9/30/2016)

A Natural Partnership

Parametric has been implementing Research Affiliates' strategies since 2009. Our clients trust us to deliver high-impact, low-cost solutions based on world-class research and industry-leading implementation expertise.

JackHeadshot.pngJack Hansen, CFA
Co-Chief Investment Officer


Chris Brightman
Chief Investment Officer
Research Affiliates




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