Better Beta

Better Beta

Better Beta is an improvement on existing passive options. We know how critical market exposures can be and want to help enhance the delivery and allow you to customize. For example, that may entail using an SMA to provide better tax management. Or customizing based on responsible investing principles or adding specific factor tilts. We want you to get the specific exposures you want while maintaining full control.
Tax-Managed Custom Core

Custom SMAs

Our Custom Core solution seeks to combine the consistent performance and diversification of index-based ETFs and mutual funds with the benefits of ...

Tax Management

Tax management seems like it should be simple, but the reality is far more complex with risks to consider. Parametric’s tax-managed solutions strive to ...

Responsible Investing

Responsible investing at Parametric looks beyond stock returns and aims to align clients’ principles with their investment portfolio.
Factor Investing

Factor Investing

Research has shown that much of an investor’s active return can be attributed to factor exposures, most notably size, value, momentum, quality, low volatility, ...