Custom Core

Transition Analysis Explorer

Evaluate trade-offs before transitioning your client’s portfolio

Parametric’s Transition Analysis Explorer helps you illustrate the balancing act between tracking error and the deferral of gains to your investors. 

Unlike ETFs and Mutual Funds, which force investors to liquidate their existing holdings, our solutions allow you to tailor the transition around your client’s unique situation. Now you can explore and highlight multiple risk and tax scenarios to your client and assess the best transition approach. 

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This tool is intended to be used for Custom Core™ portfolios that will be tax managed by Parametric. Custom Core™ consists of Tax-Managed and Indexed Strategies. Tax-Managed Custom Core™ and Centralized Portfolio Management strategies are offered by Parametric Custom Tax-Managed & Centralized Portfolio Management. Non Tax-Managed Custom Core™, Policy Implementation Overlay Services, Systematic Alpha, Systematic Income and Alternatives strategies are offered by Parametric Investment & Overlay Strategies.