Volatility Risk Premium

Parametric’s Volatility Risk Premium (VRP) solutions aim to provide a significant and persistent source of return without the use of leverage or market forecasts. Rather, they harvest the diversifying “Volatility Risk Premium” – a well-researched phenomenon based on the discrepancy between the implied and realized volatility of equity index options. Parametric has developed a series of sophisticated VRP strategies to meet investors’ different risk/return objectives.

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Parametric has over 30 years of experience managing derivatives strategies for investors. This includes a dedicated, experienced, and stable team with sole focus on options strategies. Our scientifically rigorous approach helps us create customized, repeatable outcomes for our clients that are driven by transparency and with a focus on managing risks and costs. 



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How to invest and related products

The investment strategy described herein is designed to be implemented in a separately managed account (SMA) maintained by a qualified custodian. Investors should contact their financial advisor to establish an SMA. Parametric currently serves as a sub-adviser to investment products offered and distributed by its affiliate, Eaton Vance Distributors, Inc., a registered broker-dealer. Parametric sub-advises a fund with a strategy similar to the one presented herein. For more information on related products, please visit https://funds.eatonvance.com*.

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