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Active Ownership

Understandably, many socially responsible investors want to screen out a company whose products, services, or governance they object to. But to truly change corporate behavior, you must continue to own the stock—and work patiently to effect change from the inside. That’s where active ownership comes in.

There are two active-ownership tools we offer: proxy voting and shareholder resolutions. Through Parametric, you can accomplish your goals through either or both. Learn more about our approach to each below.

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I want a greater representation of women on the board of a company whose shares I own

Use your proxy vote to encourage companies to look for ways to improve gender parity on boards

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Determine whether you want to file a shareholder resolution to get the board to pay more attention to gender parity

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More Lady Representation


Signal to the board that this is an important issue and give other shareholders a chance to voice their support

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