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Portfolio Construction

Maybe it’s guns. Maybe it’s tobacco. Maybe it’s labor conditions. Whatever the reason, many socially responsible investors want to control the kinds of companies that end up in their portfolio. The solution? Screens or integration.

Using these tools, you can construct a portfolio that aligns with your principles. Parametric simplifies the process, using a transparent, separately managed account structure—so you always understand the trade-offs and the options available to you. Once you’ve identified your responsible-investing goals, we can help you achieve them. Learn more about our approach to screens and integration below.

Portfolio construction in action

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I want to own carbon-efficient companies

Identify how you want to measure carbon efficiency. Is it emissions? Something else?

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Choose your exposure—anything from emerging markets to US large cap

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Determine whether to incorporate using a screen or integration technique

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Carbon Efficient Energy Sources


A portfolio with a meaningful improvement in carbon-efficient company exposure, with an acceptable level of tracking error against the benchmark

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