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Responsible Investing

Responsible investing goes by many names: environmental, social, and governance (ESG) investing; socially responsible investing (SRI); or impact investing. But the main goal is the same: invest in companies that think long-term about their effects on the environment and society.

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Parametric’s Responsible Investing solutions empower your clients to build a portfolio that aligns with their principles. You can combine these solutions with our full lineup of customization tools to create a holistic portfolio that addresses your clients’ financial and ESG goals.

Responsible investing in action

We believe responsible investing works best when it’s directed by you and your clients. We provide the building blocks to invest in companies that are consistent with your clients’ principles—but your clients decide how to construct those building blocks into portfolios. 

Investors can use one or both of these approaches to build a responsible investing portfolio that can span both equities and fixed income:

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ESG integration

You can include companies that meet your clients’ ESG criteria, or you can overweight companies that align well with their values while maintaining the risk profile of their desired exposure.

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Active ownership

Working with Parametric, your clients have a hand in improving corporate behaviors through proxy voting and shareholder engagement.

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Intended benefits of responsible investing

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We help you determine how to approach your portfolio with a responsible lens. Our flexible solutions allow for evolving ESG priorities.

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We access a wide range of ESG metrics, from carbon emissions intensity to child labor controversies, to incorporate into your clients’ portfolios.

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We offer state-of-the-art tools to evaluate tracking error and risk relative to a standard index based on your clients’ investment preferences.

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Our comprehensive reports dive deep into your responsible investing portfolio, from quarterly account-level summaries to ESG performance scoring and transition analysis.

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Calvert Responsible Investing

We offer investors unique access to research-driven ESG strategies from our partners at Calvert, a leader in responsible investing for more than 40 years. Calvert’s product suite includes a series of indexes and quantitative strategies, all driven by their proprietary research database. The Calvert Responsible Indexes are composed of companies that operate their businesses in a manner consistent with the Calvert Principles for Responsible Investment.

Fixed income ESG solutions

Bonds are playing a large and growing role in responsible investing, and Parametric has a suite of custom and managed solutions to help investors align their fixed income portfolios with their ESG views. These align with the Calvert Principles of Responsible Investing and seek both strong returns and ways to improve outcomes through environmentally and socially beneficial projects:

Parametric TABS Calvert

Municipal Ladders

Parametric TABS Calvert

Managed Municipals

Parametric Calvert

Corporate Ladders

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