About Parametric

Leaders in direct indexing and other custom solutions for more than 30 years

Parametric partners with advisors, institutions, and consultants to build portfolios focused on what’s important to them and their clients.

We continue to innovate and build on a history of helping investors access efficient market exposures, solve implementation challenges, and design portfolios that respond to investors’ evolving needs. Parametric is part of Morgan Stanley Investment Management, the asset management division of Morgan Stanley.

What drives us?


We evolve our skills and apply our technical expertise to solving investor challenges. We're industry leaders in custom solutions.


We’re transparent about our methods, producing systematic, client-focused investment solutions with repeatable outcomes.


We offer advisors and institutions powerful ways to build portfolios, reduce inefficiencies, and capitalize on market opportunities.

Who are we?


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Each investor has challenges. All have one goal: to build a better future.
See how Parametric gives you the tools.

Four key areas of focus


We analyze each investor’s desired exposure and tailor the portfolio to meet it, whether via equity, fixed income, or both. We offer a robust suite of tools that help wealth managers build and evaluate portfolios customized to their clients’ unique needs and priorities.
Tax management

For most investors, taxes are a heavier drag on their portfolio than fees and transaction costs. We take a systematic approach to tax management, monitoring our clients' direct indexing portfolios daily and using a trigger-based method to harvest losses for maximum benefit.
Risk management

We use a systematic, rules-based approach to deliver repeatable outcomes for asset owners, consultants, and OCIOs. Our expertise, technology, and platform flexibility give portfolios the return enhancement and risk mitigation oversight they need to perform efficiently, including seeking to maximize returns from the volatility risk premium (VRP).

We continue to build on our quantitative approach to designing customized portfolios for investors and institutions that want more than a one-size-fits-all solution. Whether it’s direct indexing or our suite of overlay solutions, as our technology evolves, we never stop asking, “What if?”

We believe in

Questioning the status quo

Employing a disciplined, systematic approach

Building genuine partnerships

Our history

Parametric created our first custom portfolio in 1992, designed to behave like an index but with a watchful eye on tax management. It was the seed of direct indexing, which would eventually become our Custom Core® SMA strategy. Over the years, we’ve expanded our influence, attracting industry attention to the possibilities of direct indexing. We also have 30 years’ experience helping institutional investors solve exposure challenges, eliminate inefficiencies, capitalize on market opportunities, and manage risk. We have a proud history of bringing new ideas to life and rising to new challenges. 

Our culture

Parametric is a place where everyone contributes. Making space for our employees to be their authentic selves lets us all benefit from more thoughtful ideas, resulting in more innovative investment solutions. Parametric is also committed to making a difference in our local communities.

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Our future

As Parametric continues to grow, we seek to maintain an environment where the best ideas win. We value and respect all our team members and are committed to one another’s success.

Join our team and discover a welcoming culture that offers:

An open, collaborative, and flexible hybrid work environment
Competitive compensation, generous benefits, and work-life balance
Access to a robust training and development program to help you grow your career from day one
Volunteer opportunities
Opportunities to participate in and help shape social and charitable-giving events