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Custom Indexing

Custom indexing solutions are powerful portfolio management tools, but they can be costly and time-consuming to implement. With Parametric Custom Core®, institutional investors can access a simple, cost-effective way to achieve a desired equity or fixed income market exposure.

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Custom Core is a passive portfolio of securities that adheres to an investor-chosen benchmark, delivered as a separately managed account (SMA). With SMAs, investors own each individual underlying security directly, giving them a high degree of customization based on unique situations and needs. Custom Core lets your institution invest according to its investment objectives.

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How it works

Our portfolio construction expertise, technology, and resources provide you with a simple, cost-effective way to achieve any desired market exposure. Our approach seeks to provide an index exposure through efficiently matching sector characteristics and risk factors, while allowing for customization at much lower investment minimums than many other SMA solutions.

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We analyze the investor's desired exposure and provide innovative implementation options, tailoring the portfolio to meet the investor's unique needs.

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We deliver efficient exposure to the investor's chosen benchmark through our systematic, rules-based portfolio construction process.

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We constantly review and enhance our proprietary portfolio optimization and exposure management tools.

Intended benefits of custom indexing

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Customize a licensed benchmark or create a blend across several benchmarks for a portfolio that meets your unique investment needs.

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Customize hundreds of equity indexes while minimizing tracking error or design a  fixed income exposure according to desired maturity, quality, sector, or industry exposures.

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Our portfolio construction expertise, technology, and resources provide a simple, cost-effective way to achieve any market exposure.

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Responsible investing

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Through screens, integration, and active ownership, you can incorporate ESG considerations across equities and fixed income.

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