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Wealth Managers

Your relationship with your clients is everything. We want to help you nurture and strengthen those relationships by providing the solutions that solve investors’ financial challenges. 

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From retirement planning to wealth accumulation to income generation, our solutions allow you to take an active role while benefiting from our expertise.

Built for your clients

Parametric’s comprehensive suite of customized portfolio solutions fits into any sleeve of your client's portfolios. Whether your clients need actively managed investments or index-based solutions, you’ll find the right tools for the job. This is a three-step process:

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Decide what kind of portfolio to start with: active, market exposure, or systematic. 

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Because clients have different needs, Parametric provides options to customize your base. You can use exposure options, tax management, and responsible investing to build a portfolio that’s entirely your client’s own.

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Continuous management

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We provide ongoing oversight with risk management, trading and execution, year-round tax-loss harvesting, and robust client reporting.

Next-level technology

We’re committed to providing you with deep insights into your clients’ investments. That's why we’ve built robust reporting and tools, accessible on secure platforms with easy-to-use interfaces—allowing you to build and evaluate portfolios customized to each client's needs.

Tax efficiency through advanced technology

Even sophisticated fixed income investors can miss opportunities to boost tax efficiency. Learn how Parametric's advanced technology can help investors navigate complex rate environments and enhance potential after-tax returns.

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Turning investor challenges into opportunity
Use our decades of expertise in working with registered investment advisors, family offices, broker-dealers, and investors to solve your clients’ most pressing challenges.
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Our commitment to corporate governance

We take the long-term view that risk control, diversification, and careful cost management can make or break investment success. These principles drive our efforts as a fiduciary for our clients. Find out more about Parametric’s work in investment stewardship