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Fixed Income

Fixed income exposure can prove valuable for investors, even in uncertain interest rate environments.

Fixed income investigated. Our weekly updates will keep you on top of rates, inflation, and much more.

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The fixed income landscape has changed. Gone are the days of bond insurance, large dealer inventories, and set-it-and-forget-it allocations. Parametric’s fixed income solutions make it easy for you to navigate complex interest rate environments while customizing your exposure to best fit your investment goals.

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Intended benefits of fixed income

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Our large network of fixed income broker-dealers helps us offer our clients a wide variety of municipal, corporate, and Treasury bonds.
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Using proprietary technology, our size and scale allows us to buy and sell bonds at attractive prices. We aggregate client transactions to execute efficient and cost-effective trades.

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Our in-house analysts and strategists perform extensive research to select securities and monitor for credit risks.

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ESG integration

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Our custom solutions allow investors to select bonds that align with their ESG policy objectives.

Tax efficiency through advanced technology

Even sophisticated fixed income investors can miss opportunities to boost tax efficiency. Learn how Parametric's advanced technology can help investors navigate complex rate environments and enhance potential after-tax returns.

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Laddered Fixed Income

Laddered strategies seek predictable income and capital preservation by equally weighting maturities over a specific portion of the yield curve.

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Managed Fixed Income

Actively managed municipal bond portfolios focus on capital preservation and seek tax-aware or taxable income.

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Responsible Fixed Income

Parametric’s Responsible Fixed Income strategies help investors align their bond holdings with their environmental, social, and governance (ESG) principles.

Fixed income calculators

Our calculation tools can provide a detailed view of potential
bond performance under changing market conditions.

Laddered Interest Rate Scenario Tool

Discover the impact of changing interest rates on laddered municipal and corporate bond portfolios.

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Tax-Equivalent Yield Calculator

Choose the best municipal bonds for your portfolio by comparing potential taxable and tax-exempt yields.

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Frequently asked questions

What are the benefits of a fixed income SMA versus other vehicles?

Separately managed accounts (SMAs) offer an investment approach that differs from mutual funds or ETFs. SMAs allow for individual ownership of the underlying securities in an index, which can provide advantages such as predictability of cash flows, increased customization, and tax awareness.
How do laddered portfolios work?

A constant percentage of bonds mature each year, and the proceeds are reinvested in the most attractive bonds available at the top of the ladder. We offer an online tool that simulates returns and income projections for laddered strategies in various rate environments.
How can fixed income investors benefit from Parametric’s approach to tax management?

Parametric offers year-round systematic tax-loss harvesting in our fixed income portfolios. Our process thoroughly analyzes liquidity, yield, and structure on a bond-by-bond basis, aiming to capture losses while maintaining the portfolio’s risk profile and avoiding potential wash sales.