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Investment Stewardship

As a fiduciary, Parametric encourages companies to provide greater transparency around environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues and rectify clear lapses in oversight. Clients trust us to represent their interests through our investment stewardship activities.
2022 Investment Stewardship Report

A combination of proxy voting and targeted shareholder engagement can help strengthen companies, protect shareholder capital, and benefit economies and communities. Learn more about our stewardship activities in 2022:
  • Our outreach to more than 150 companies on practice-improvement discussions
  • Our engagement with international companies on human trafficking
  • Our votes at 10,438 shareholder meetings in 89 countries
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2022 highlights

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Human trafficking

We asked companies to report their efforts to eliminate child and slave labor across their supply chains.

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Diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI)

We encouraged large US companies to disclose workforce demographic data, enabling shareholders to measure, compare, and engage with companies on diversity.

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Climate change

We supported proposals to report emissions reduction targets, fossil fuel financing and underwriting activities, and sustainable packaging or plastics use.

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Parametric Responsible Investing

Our responsible investing solutions empower investors to build holistic portfolios that align with their principles. Combined with our full lineup of customization tools, investors can achieve both their financial and ESG goals.

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Corporate governance principles

These form the foundation for how we vote proxies and engage on behalf of our clients. Our goal is to protect the value of the companies in which our clients invest and apply our guidelines on a timely, company-specific basis.

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Responsible investing policy

Our long-term view of the markets gives us the impetus to encourage good company practices. Find out how Parametric approaches responsible investing: our philosophy, our reporting, our affiliations, and our oversight.

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