Investment Stewardship

Investment Stewardship

Stock ownership represents an opportunity to participate in the economic rewards of a long-lived asset, and shareholder rights represent an important path to maximizing these benefits. Given this, Parametric expects the companies in which we invest to adhere to effective governance practices and to consider their impact on the environment and the communities in which they operate. That’s why, on behalf of our clients, we exercise shareholder rights to hold public companies accountable for a range of issues, from director independence to executive compensation to environmental and social issues.

This springs from a conviction that, rather than the persistent myth that investing responsibly harms returns, companies operating with the best possible corporate governance will actually be the ones best positioned to deliver sustainable returns to shareholders. We also think responsible investing can raise the tide for all investors, helping build greater value even for those not necessarily investing with an eye toward ESG.

We invite you to explore our corporate governance principles, our responsible investing policy, and our proxy voting summary (updated annually). And to contact us to learn more about our approach to responsible investing and how Parametric can help solve your investor challenges.