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Parametric Cross-Asset Portfolio Solutions (CAPS) enables institutional investors to take control of their portfolios through accessing a comprehensive, flexible, and customizable platform across a full spectrum of investment and risk-management solutions.

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Markets are dynamic. Views can shift. Circumstances may change. How nimbly can your portfolio react? For many institutional investors, once they’ve allocated assets, adjusting exposures can be time-consuming, operationally cumbersome, and disruptive to both staff and the portfolio itself. 

Investing entails risks, and there can be no assurance that investors will achieve profits or avoid incurring losses.

Why choose Parametric?

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As of 6/30/2022

How it works

Investment staff will take time at the outset of the relationship—and on an ongoing basis—to understand the portfolio structure and goals of the investor to help identify ways to improve portfolio and operational efficiency.
We work with each client to establish program guidelines and trading agreements, including both listed and OTC facilities.
Our solution addresses portfolio needs across equities, fixed income, risk management, and the total portfolio. 
Parametric independently confirms, verifies, and reconciles all trades, manages all collateral flows, and monitors associated custodial accounts. In addition, we provide daily reporting of all exposure positions, which can be expanded into fund-wide exposure and risk analytics reporting if desired.

Intended benefits of Cross-Asset Portfolio Solutions

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Ease of use

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Our goal is to provide institutions a single point of contact that can comprehensively manage risk, asset class exposures, trade execution, and operations. 

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We cost-effectively obtain and augment customized portfolio exposure in a thoughtful, efficient, and prudent manner. Our focus is on risk management and keeping frictions to a minimum.

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CAPS provides a flexible, powerful means of scaling existing investment teams using our beta management and implementation capabilities that span equities, fixed income, currencies, and commodities. 

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