Business Continuity

Parametric takes its fiduciary responsibilities to clients seriously. This means not only delivering superior investment performance but also making the health and safety of our employees and the continuity of our business operations our highest priorities. This page summarizes the program we maintain to:

  • Minimize the likelihood of business disruptions and the severity of their impact
  • Resume operations quickly in the event a business interruption occurs

Program framework Parametric’s business continuity and disaster recovery manager coordinates the efforts of personnel across the firm to ensure the proactive mitigation of risks and an effective response to disruptions, should they occur. This includes planning, testing, employee training and awareness, crisis management, and communication. Our framework supports an all-risk resiliency posture designed to respond to a variety of incident types, including, but not limited to, the loss of facility or staff, pandemics, application outages, or severe weather.

Business continuity and disaster recovery plans Plans cover details at the firm, office, and department level, facilitating an adaptive response to match the scope of each incident. Each business function documents the requirements and procedures necessary to complete alternate workflows or resume critical operations following a business-interrupting event.

IT disaster recovery is a key responsibility of our IT infrastructure team and an essential component of our broader business continuity program. The business continuity and disaster recovery manager works with departments across the firm to define business requirements, then partners with the IT infrastructure team to identify the appropriate technology solutions. Parametric has invested heavily in the infrastructure required to ensure our technology resources meet the highest standards for availability and resilience.

Inquiries and due diligence For further details, please contact your relationship manager, who can direct your inquiry to the appropriate parties.