A Brief History of Parametric


It started with a question. What if the stories traditionally told about a publicly traded company—its products, its management team, its assets, its liabilities, and other things one might read in an annual report—were just that: stories? What if there were more value in looking at stocks’ risk-return attributes than in companies’ balance sheets? What if you could engineer a purely quantitative, systematic, scientific way to invest? Three men were convinced they could.

Bringing an idea to life

Bill Cornelius, Mark England-Markun, and Randy Lert launch Parametric

Rising to the challenge

Parametric builds its first direct indexing portfolio

Making new friends

Parametric joins forces with some powerful partners

Spreading our wings

Parametric expands its influence

Gaining new resources

Parametric becomes part of Morgan Stanley

The journey continues

We’re proud of our past, but we’re busy making new Parametric history. Learn more about what we do or get in touch.