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Centralized Portfolio Management

Multimanager portfolios offer institutional investors a variety of benefits, but efficiently managing the portfolio can present ongoing challenges.

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Our centralized portfolio management (CPM) process seeks to simplify and enhance investment transition and implementation. CPM managers and clients have centralized visibility of full portfolio assets, allowing for improved risk-management capabilities and more timely responses to information requests. 

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How it works

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Within a multistyle portfolio, institutional investors can choose their preferred managers. The operational activities of opening, closing, trading, and maintaining accounts are centralized between Parametric and the program sponsor, allowing for maximum coordination and customization.

Efficient multimanager implementation

Our CPM approach is designed to solve common multimanager portfolio challenges. Because multiple strategies are held in one account, we can offset trades by each of the underlying managers, reducing custody and trading costs while providing lower turnover and consolidated cash flows to reduce cash drag.

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Intended benefits of centralized portfolio management

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Maximum coordination

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CPM centralizes the operational activities of opening, closing, trading, and maintaining accounts between Parametric and the program sponsor.

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ESG integration

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Our custom solutions allow institutions to select bonds that align with their ESG policy objectives.

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We make it easy to implement factor completions, tactical decisions, and environmental, social, and governance (ESG) guidelines.

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Lower costs

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Holding multiple strategies in one account offsets trades by each underlying manager, reducing custody and trading costs while providing lower turnover.

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