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Responsible Fixed Income

Parametric’s Responsible Fixed Income strategies help investors align their bond holdings with their environmental, social, and governance (ESG) principles.

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Our approach to responsible investing makes it simple to customize fixed income portfolios in a straightforward and scalable way. We strive to deliver both strong returns and positive impact, including environmental sustainability, social equity, and accountable governance.

With our partners at Calvert Research and Management, we deliver customized solutions designed around each investor’s objectives. Calvert’s ESG research helps investors determine the precise exposures they want, delivered via Parametric’s customized separately managed accounts.

Research driven

Calvert’s analysis dives deep into financially material ESG characteristics affecting company and issuer performance.

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Client directed

Our customized ESG portfolios seek to provide precise market exposure and active tax management for each investor’s unique needs.

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Parametric Calvert Municipal Bond Portfolios

This strategy adds ESG customization to our Laddered Fixed Income and Managed Municipals strategies. We base our security selection on Calvert’s ESG research framework, which identifies municipal credits for positive social and environmental impact.

Investors will be able to support responsible municipal projects in the following areas:

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  • > Renewable energy
  • > Pollution control
  • > Clean water
  • > Viable waste

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  • > Education
  • > Health care
  • > Public transportation
  • > Affordable housing


  • > Sound financial controls
  • > Feasible capital plans
  • > Operational transparency
  • > Data disclosure
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Responsible muni strategy overview

Want a deeper dive into Parametric Calvert Municipal Bond Portfolios? Download our strategy overview.

Parametric Responsible Corporate Bond Portfolios

This strategy combines our credit research experience and institutional purchasing power to diversify portfolios across sectors and issuers. Investors can use Parametric’s menu of ESG screen options and Calvert’s proprietary research to identify ESG-eligible investments.

These strategies give your clients:


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We offer systematic rules-based exposure to the corporate bond market.

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We weight maturity exposures equally over a portion of the yield curve.

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We build our portfolios to meet your clients’ unique circumstances.

Why choose Parametric?


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Laddered Interest Rate Scenario Tool

Capture the performance of your laddered municipal or corporate bond portfolio in changing rate environments.

Intended benefits of responsible bond portfolios

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Values-aligned investing

Learn more >>

We invest in bond issues that look to improve social outcomes through environmentally and socially beneficial projects.

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Comprehensive research

Learn more >>

Our holistic approach to research is designed to apply the most material ESG factors to our investment analysis.

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Thought leadership

Learn more >>

We provide advisors with advanced insights and training, including tips and tactics to build their responsible investing capabilities.

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Learn more >>

Our reports provide transparency into how we apply ESG criteria to your clients’ portfolios, including our measurements and metrics. 

2022 Investment Stewardship Report

A combination of proxy voting and targeted shareholder engagement can help strengthen companies, protect shareholder capital, and benefit economies and communities. Learn more about our stewardship activities in 2022:


  • Our outreach to more than 150 companies on practice-improvement discussions
  • Our engagement with international companies on human trafficking 
  • Our votes at 10,438 shareholder meetings in 89 countries
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Calvert Responsible Investing

We offer investors unique access to research-driven ESG strategies from our partners at Calvert, a leader in responsible investing for more than 40 years. Calvert’s product suite includes a series of indexes and quantitative strategies, all driven by their proprietary research database. The Calvert Responsible Indexes are composed of companies that operate their businesses in a manner consistent with the Calvert Principles for Responsible Investment.

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