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Laddered Fixed Income

Our laddered strategies provide a systematic and customizable approach for income-oriented investors.

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Parametric’s Laddered Fixed Income strategies give investors the opportunity to adjust to rising interest rates and improve yields. These strategies aim to deliver predictable income and preserve investor capital, with the option to harvest tax losses on an ongoing basis.

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TABS Municipal Ladders

Our municipal laddered strategies allow for rules-based, equal-weighted allocation across the yield curve, customized for state or national exposure.

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Corporate Ladders

Our corporate laddered strategies allow for rules-based, equal-weighted allocation across the yield curve, customized for credit quality.

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 Parametric Tax Optimized Ladders

Looking across corporate bonds, municipal bonds, and U.S. Treasury bonds we aim to purchase the highest-yielding securities based on the investor’s tax situation to create a laddered portfolio that best fits their needs.

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Treasury Ladders

We seek to deliver predictable cash flow and capital preservation from high-quality US Treasuries.

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How it works

Bond funds expose investors to interest rate risk and fluctuating returns, while individual bonds can lock investors into maturities. Bond laddering is a dynamic strategy that provides predictable income and benefits from rising interest rates.

To build a laddered portfolio of corporates or municipals, we equally weight investment-grade bonds by maturities along a defined segment of the yield curve. As bonds mature, their proceeds are reinvested into longer maturities, which typically have higher yields. Through continuous reinvestment in longer-dated bonds, the overall portfolio benefits from higher income during periods of rising rates.



Laddered Interest Rate Scenario Tool

Discover the impact of changing interest rates on laddered municipal and corporate bond portfolios.



Intended benefits of laddered bond portfolios

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Our large network of fixed income broker-dealers helps us offer our clients a wide variety of municipal, corporate, and Treasury bonds.
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Using proprietary technology, our size and scale allows us to buy and sell bonds at attractive prices. We aggregate client transactions to execute efficient and cost-effective trades.

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Our in-house analysts and strategists perform extensive research to select securities and monitor for credit risks. 

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Tax efficiency

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Investors can embrace year-round tax-loss harvesting, allowing us to aim for enhanced after-tax returns.

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Tax efficiency through advanced technology

Even sophisticated fixed income investors can miss opportunities to boost tax efficiency. Learn how Parametric's advanced technology can help investors navigate complex rate environments and enhance potential after-tax returns.

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