What is direct indexing? 

It’s a form of passive investing that enables direct ownership of the individual securities that compose a benchmark. This allows for tax-loss harvesting at the security level, plus the ability to customize the portfolio with factor tilts, responsible investing guidelines, and more.


Why Parametric?

We pioneered direct indexing back in 1992, and we remain the leading provider as measured by assets under management. We’ve helped thousands of advisors deliver more value to their clients through our powerful, scalable customization engine. 

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Stop compromising, start customizing

• Construct investor-centric portfolios around custom benchmarks
• Choose US, global, or blended benchmarks
• Combine screens and factors to craft precise solutions
• Diversify concentrated positions with minimal tax impact
• Harvest tax losses throughout the year
• Leverage two decades of responsible investing expertise
• Deliver custom solutions across equity and fixed income

Factor tilts and certain benchmarks may not be available to all advisors.

Deepen your client conversations

Discover cutting-edge reporting and tools to help you demonstrate your added value and stay nimble:

  • Access analytical tools and personal support 
  • Gain in-depth, client-ready reporting on after-tax performance
  • Use our transition analysis tools for client consultation

Let’s work together

Active tax management and a full range of customizations are key to unlocking the advantages of direct indexing. Read our guide to learn which types of clients may benefit the most.

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