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Weekly Fixed Income Update

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July 9, 2024

Macro update

Despite Independence Day, last week provided key data points on the economic front. Friday’s payroll situation report for June revealed nonfarm payrolls grew by 206,000, slightly above expectations for 190,000. The beat was overshadowed by a massive 218,000 downward revision to the prior months. This brings the three-month moving average down to 177,000, versus the six-month average of approximately 250,000, a notable deceleration (Bloomberg, 7/05/2024). 

Average hourly earnings month-over-month and year-over-year were both in line with expectations, but the unemployment rate rose to 4.1% versus expectations for an unchanged 4% rate. US Treasury yields rallied across the yield curve post-data, taking yields lower by eight to 11 basis points (bps) (Bloomberg, 7/05/2024).

This week will also offer clues to US economic momentum, with both the Consumer Price Index and the Producer Price Index scheduled for release on Thursday and Friday, respectively (Bloomberg, 7/08/2024).

Fixed Income Five by Kevin Lynyak

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Municipal bond update

Benchmark AAA muni yields were mixed across the curve last week. AAA-rated benchmark tax-exempt yields now stand 31 to 60 bps higher than at the start of the year (Refinitiv MMD, 7/05/2024).

The Bloomberg Municipal Bond Index gained 0.06% last week, placing year-to-date (YTD) performance at -0.34%. The Bloomberg US Treasury Index declined -0.86%, limiting that YTD loss to just 0.28% (Bloomberg, 7/05/2024).

Five-, 10- and 15-year A-rated municipal yields were 3.06%, 3.19% and 3.50%, respectively, as of the July 5 close. Related taxable-equivalent yields were 5.17%, 5.39% and 5.91%, respectively, assuming the highest combined federal tax rate of 40.8% (Refinitiv MMD, Parametric, 7/05/2024).

Corporate bond update

US investment-grade (IG) corporate yields fell across the curve last week. Two-, five- and 10-year yields were down 21, 23 and 15 bps, respectively. Corporate yields are higher across the curve YTD, with two-, five- and 10-year yields up 16, 27 and 33 bps, respectively (Bloomberg, 7/5/2024).

The ICE BofA 1–10 Year US Corporate Index returned 0.7% for the week and month to date. The index outperformed like-duration Treasurys on an excess-return basis by 0.17% for the week and month to date (Bloomberg, 7/5/2024).

IG mutual funds and ETFs experienced inflows of $8.3 billion, an increase from last week’s inflows of $1.9 billion. Corporate-only funds experienced inflows of $2.5 billion following last week’s inflows of $2.7 billion (JPMorgan, 7/5/2024).

Corporate one-to-10-year IG bond yields have risen 19 bps YTD and ended last week at 5.3% (Bloomberg, 7/5/2024).

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