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Improving Client Experience: Customizing with Direct Indexing

Only in recent years has the financial industry awakened to how customized investment solutions can add value for their clients. They’re eager to see what the future holds—and we’re ready to forge the path forward. A new report from Cerulli Associates, Improving Client Experience: Customizing with Direct Indexing, explores how direct indexing enables a wide range of customization options.


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Why active tax management is at the core of customized investing

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How investors use newfound opportunities to apply their environmental, social, and governance (ESG) principles to their portfolios

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How investors can harness the power of direct indexing across equities and fixed income

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How direct indexing helps investors navigate challenges such as concentrated positions, manager transitions, and charitable planning

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Custom to the core

For nearly 30 years, customizing portfolios to unique client goals has been our core pursuit. Discover how you can partner with Parametric to make passive investing personal.