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Transition Overlay

Parametric’s Transition Overlay solutions allow investors to maintain market exposure seamlessly throughout transition events to reduce policy risk and increase expected return.

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Institutional investors have periodic transition events that produce a gap in their portfolio exposures. These may result from manager terminations, large contributions, or asset-allocation changes. Transition Overlay seeks to help institutions maintain market exposure, lower performance risk, and increase expected returns during transition events.

Investing in an overlay program involves risk. All investments are subject to loss. Learn more.

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How it works

Before implementing a Transition Overlay, we collaborate with our client to create a transition plan for manager changes, asset-allocation adjustments, exposure changes, and updated portfolio targets. We create a transition plan through a three-step process:

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We work with the investor to determine which asset class exposures will be affected, select the most appropriate investment instruments, and discuss trade timing.

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Add transition overlay

We coordinate with other asset managers to align the timing of their physical position sales with Transition Overlay position purchases.  

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Remove transition overlay

The transition ends when the new fund manager is funded. Parametric then sells the Transition Overlay position in tandem and completely removes the market exposure.

Intended benefits of Transition Overlay

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Risk mitigation

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Transition Overlay may help maintain market exposure and reduce performance risk by mitigating exposure gaps.

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Transition Overlay gives institutions maximum flexibility to accelerate manager changes.

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Gap reduction

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Transition Overlay gives investors exposure through long-settled redemptions such as hedge fund receivables. 

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