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Fixed Income

Even in an uncertain interest rate environment, your clients need fixed income exposure.

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It can be time-consuming to build flexible fixed income portfolios that meet your clients’ income and capital preservation needs. Parametric’s fixed income solutions make it easy for you to spend less time on security selection and analysis and more time growing your practice.

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Intended benefits of fixed income

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Broad selection

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Our large network of fixed income broker-dealers helps us offer our clients a wide variety of corporate and municipal bonds.
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Buying power

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We have the size and scale to buy and sell bonds at attractive prices.

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Credit oversight

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Our in-house team of expert credit analysts and strategists performs extensive research to select securities and provide ongoing monitoring to reduce credit risk.

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ESG integration

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Our custom solutions allow institutions to select bonds that align with their ESG policy objectives.

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Laddered Fixed Income

Laddered strategies seek predictable income and capital preservation by equally weighting maturities over a specific portion of the yield curve.

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Managed Fixed Income

Actively managed municipal bond portfolios focus on capital preservation and seek tax-aware or taxable income.

Frequently asked questions

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How do I create a fixed income portfolio for my clients?

The first step in creating a fixed income portfolio is to determine whether municipals or corporates best suit your clients’ fixed income goal, be it total return or a predictable income stream.
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How do laddered portfolios work?

A constant percentage of bonds mature each year, and the proceeds are reinvested in the most attractive bonds available at the top of the ladder. This results in investor returns and yields naturally increasing in a positively sloped yield curve environment.
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What is Parametric’s approach to tax management?

We take a uniquely active approach to taxes. We monitor holdings regularly for losses throughout the year for tax-loss harvesting opportunities—not just at year-end. Our managers seek to produce excess capital losses (unless you direct us otherwise) to give your clients maximum flexibility. Losses can be used in other parts of their portfolio or at a later time.

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