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In Our Own Words

Parametric is a place where everyone contributes, everyone has a voice, and everyone just plain belongs. Making space for you to be authentically you means we all benefit from more thoughtful ideas—and our clients gain more innovative investment solutions. We asked Parametric team members from different backgrounds to share a bit about themselves so you can get to know the people behind our products and solutions.


Jennifer Sireklove

Managing Director, Investment Strategy
“When I was little, I was obsessed with questions like “Why do banks pay interest?” and “Why do prices go up?” Midway through college, I realized there was a field for these questions—economics. But in addition to being deeply fascinated by markets and economic systems, I’m also a parent of four, ballet aficionado, would-be writer, and good-food obsessive. I dream of a world in which we get to transcend labels and just be people, and I try to live there every day.”
Photo of Tony

Tony Evans

Senior Software Engineer
“Would I have come out earlier at previous jobs knowing what I know now? Absolutely not. My willingness to be myself at Parametric and Morgan Stanley is a consequence of the inclusive culture here. My decision to remain closeted at previous employers was a consequence of the culture fostered by those employers.”
Photo of Nicole

Nicole Sonett

Senior Business Intelligence Analyst
“Coming out means more visibility. And visibility is huge for the queer community. But protecting your space at work is priority number one. Give yourself the permission to come out at your own pace. Mine was one-on-one conversations. Making authentic connections, being sure of your values, and knowing what you want to share with other people makes it a lot easier.”
Photo of Greg

Greg Lawson

Chief of Staff
“I think to really be out in the modern workplace is to be out 100%. It’s also easier now to know whether employers have LGBTQ+-friendly policies, to do your homework up front, and to understand whether that employer will support you.”
Photo of Tim

Tim Nelson

Senior Systems Engineer
“What I did in the military with explosives doesn’t directly relate to what I currently do in technology. But some of the leadership principles definitely apply: paying attention to detail, acting with integrity, and never asking someone to do something you wouldn’t do yourself.”
Photo of Carlos

Carlos Tagle Rangel

Talent Acquisition Specialist
“Let’s be real: Financial services is an overwhelmingly white industry, but I’ve never felt like I couldn’t be myself at Parametric. I like that we’re taking DEI seriously, being transparent about it, and making it part of every department’s goals.”
Photo of Yvonne

Yvonne Xiong

Administrative Associate
“Inclusivity is such an integral part of Parametric’s culture—I felt it from the moment I started, and I still feel it today. When you feel that sense of belonging, you then mirror those same feelings back out to your colleagues.”

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