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Parametric’s solutions leverage our decades of expertise in working with Registered Investment Advisors, family offices, broker-dealers and investors. Learn more about how we can partner with you and explore our capabilities to help you better deliver innovative investment ideas for your clients.

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Combining the flexibility of an SMA with customizable exposures and continuous tax management, Parametric’s Custom CoreTM offering can be a very attractive solution for high net worth investors. Our tax-managed solutions strive to provide “better beta”. For taxable investors, this means predictable pre-tax returns, meaningful after-tax returns and broad opportunities for customization. Partner with us to leverage our deep research and over 2 decades of experience.

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Choose from licensed benchmarks, proprietary strategies, or a client-driven blend that creates a unique geographic footprint or investment style.


Choose to apply tax management for taxable portfolios, easily restrict sectors, industries, stocks, or change their weightings, and apply social screens. Responsible Investing shareholder engagement options available.


Tracking error and risk biases monitored continuously using multi-factor risk models. Gain deferral, loss harvesting, and holding period management applied where appropriate.

How we work with you

Parametric has been working with private clients and their advisors since 1992. Our pioneering work with tax-managed custom indexes has led to a wide range of strategies, including VRP capture strategies and Emerging Markets. All of this innovation grew out of listening to client concerns and then collaborating with their advisors to create solutions that met their needs. Reach out to our regional contacts to learn more about how Parametric can partner with you.