Market Volatility Tool Kit

Resources for uncertain times

Market volatility can be a jarring experience, whatever the circumstances. But the steep market downturn precipitated by the COVID-19 pandemic—coming so quickly after the longest bull market in history—makes it all the more stunning. So it’s not irrational for advisors, institutional investors, and consultants to wonder where things go from here.

We’re here to help. This tool kit is designed to provide you with our perspective on the current market environment, across asset classes, as well as thoughtful insights and research on how Parametric approaches staying invested during volatile markets.

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Strategies to help investors navigate market volatility during the COVID-19 pandemic

Harvest losses

There’s no such thing as too many.
Investors can carry losses forward indefinitely.

Make volatility work for you

Consider strategies that pay a premium
when volatility is high.

Stay invested

Maintain broad equity and fixed income exposure
to capture gains when markets rally again.

Perspectives from our strategists


Solutions for volatile markets

defensive equity

Overlay services

laddered fixed income

enhance income