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Laddered Fixed Income

Our laddered strategies provide a systematic and customizable approach for income-oriented investors.

Fixed income investigated. Our weekly updates will keep you on top of rates, inflation, and much more.

Parametric’s Laddered Fixed Income strategies give investors the opportunity to adjust to rising interest rates and improve yields. These strategies aim to deliver predictable income and preserve investor capital.

Intended benefits of laddered bond portfolios

Predictable exposure

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Once designed, a portfolio structure will be maintained to balance reinvestment and price risk.


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Our size and scale allow us to buy and sell bonds at attractive prices with a focus on high efficiency and cost-effective trades.

Risk management

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We seek to minimize downside risk with fundamental credit analysis from our credit research teams.
How it works

To build a laddered portfolio of corporates or municipals, we equally weight investment-grade bonds by maturities along a defined segment of the yield curve. As bonds mature, their proceeds are reinvested into longer maturities, which typically have higher yields. Through continuous reinvestment in longer-dated bonds, the overall portfolio benefits from higher income during periods of rising rates.


Laddered Interest Rate Scenario Tool

Discover the impact of changing interest rates on laddered municipal and corporate bond portfolios.



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