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Managed Bond Strategies
Two actively managed municipal strategies that seek to preserve capital while adding value

Managed municipals or total return: With either strategy, all key credit, portfolio management, and trading roles are filled by highly seasoned and experienced municipal market professionals, and your clients benefit from our systematic credit research process.

Each strategy also buys bonds on the institutional bid side while attempting to sell on the retail offered side and adjusts positioning along the yield curve to benefit from yield-curve forecasts.


Managed municipals

This strategy seeks to add value by:

  • Taking advantage of long-term credit trends
  • Limiting a single issuer to 15% and a single revenue sector to 30% of a portfolio

Total return

This strategy employs a quantitative investment process to systematically determine asset allocation based on after-tax relative value. It seeks to:

  • Exploit supply and demand imbalances in all 50 states
  • Offer the flexibility to cross over into taxable US government or agency securities when municipal bonds become overvalued

Why Parametric?

dedicated credit analysts

in AUM across fixed income portfolios

years of fixed income experience

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